Tax Preparation


At Neal A. Price & Company, we understand that just the mention of tax time can put you into a tailspin. You want to make sure you've covered all compliance issues while also taking advantage of any measures that may positively affect your bottom line and that's without even mentioning confusing tax forms, deadlines, etc. The good news is that we're tax specialists, so you don't have to be. Whether you're an individual filing a personal/family return or a company with a business return to file, Neal A. Price & Company has the experience, knowledge and expertise to be the complete source for your tax preparation needs.


We're dedicated to providing sound tax advice, easy to follow procedures and friendly service to keep you informed and to take the stress out of tax preparation. Through it all you'll become knowledgeable about the filing process, what's required for proper documentation, timing everything you need to feel confident that you've got compliance as well as savings covered. At Neal A. Price & Company, we're known for building long- term client relationships in a relaxed and friendly environment. Instead of anxiously watching the calendar, you might even look forward to tax time rolling around for a chance to pay us a visit.


Neal A Price & Company's complete array of tax preparation services includes:

  • Complete individual federal and multi-state income tax planning, preparation, research, projections, withholding calculations, consultations, etc., including Electronic Filing

  • Complete federal and multi-state income tax planning, research, preparation and consultation for many types of businesses

  • Estate, gift and trust tax return preparation

  • Ensuring compliance with federal, state and local rules and regulations, especially for specialized clients including government and not-for-profit organizations

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